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Religious School

Jewish Education for the Next Generation

Temple Emanuel Religious School

The Religious School at Temple Emanuel has been operating for over 50 year and provides a warm and inviting environment for Jewish students in Kindergarten through Highschool. The school is led by Morah Rochelle Wilensky.

Along with volunteer co-teacher, Mary Damstetter, Rochelle leads Tefillah (prayer) with all students, then splits the children up for Hebrew. Younger students learn their Aleph-Bet, vowels and the beginnings of Hebrew reading/writing fluency with Morah Mary, while Morah Rochelle teaches Hebrew to the older and more advanced students to increase confidence, fluency, and comfort with Hebrew reading/writing. 



All students learn Jewish Studies together, which includes Torah learning, Jewish holidays and history, and Jewish ethics explored hands-on with art projects, games, plays/stories, and celebrations. Due to the small class sizes, students receive a lot of 1:1 instruction with Hebrew, which accelerates their learning.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Morah Rochelle tutors all Bar/Bat Mitzvah students herself (before or after school) for 1 full year leading up to students’ B’nai Mitzvahs as part of their Religious School experience. Bar/Bat Mitzvah students learn both Torah and Haftorah Tropes to easily chant their parshas, any remaining Friday night/Saturday morning prayers they would like to lead, and receive guidance on writing their Bar/Bat Mitzvah speeches.


Favorite school events include a Sukkot family dinner under Morah Rochelle’s Sukkah in Charlotte, a Hanukkah party, Tu B’Shevat Seder, Purim Party at the JCC in Charlotte, Pesach Seder, and Shabbaton Weekend in Charlotte for older students.

Temple Emanuel

320 S. South Street, Gastonia, NC 28052
(704) 865-1541